YOPE Module Lessons

The modules

Here's What You're Going To Learn

Our Learning Portal has four video modules. On average they are 14 minutes to 35 minutes long. They are comprehensive, easy and fun to watch! Click below to see exactly what you'll learn from each module.


"When it came to my finances I kept saying I'll do it next year or I'll wait until I make more money. But YOPE not only gave me professional help but the three modules I bought explained everything I needed to know about my money so simply. I feel SUPER confident now!"

- Derrick B.        24, Cashier, North Carolina

"YOPE makes the concepts of budgeting, saving, debt management and investing not only much easier to understand but also a lot of fun to learn about! YOPE is a game changer that will revolutionize the way people think about managing their money for years to come. I highly recommend it!"

- Andrew M.         32, Actor, California

"YOPE has given me a financial understanding that I wish my finance class did back in college. It broke down things that I thought were so complicated, taking away my apprehension of the stock market and investment options.  I now have a solid retirement plan. Thanks YOPE!"

- Anna W.         29, Media Coordinator, New York City

"YOPE has helped me to become a better investor. Though their program I have begun to save for retirement and I am still able to take two week long vacations a year. I love knowing I can keeping my lifestyle now and in the future."

- Victoria K.         29, Teacher, Connecticut