How Yope Works

How Yope Works(1)

How Yope Works

Your finances can get confusing sometimes. So we made understanding them very simple!

Here's what you get as a YOPE member:

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YOPE has created a curriculum for personal finance which is translated into four video modules. Each module ranges from 14 minutes to 35 minutes total and it breaks down the areas of personal finance into easy-to-understand sections. Most sections consist of short quizzes to reinforce what you’ve learned.  Even though everyone's financial situation is different, The Budgeting Module is included with your membership because Yope wants you to first learn how to manage your money!
Your assigned Financial Consultant assesses your financial situation, creates a budget and develops an individualized plan to help you achieve your financial goals. Every year you will get three FREE 30-minute consultations via phone, in-person, or video-chat. Limit one free consultation per month. Feel free to schedule longer consultations or more appointments for just $40 an hour. Our staff is very knowledgeable, very discrete and very understanding of everyone's financial situation.
We pride ourselves on empowering and supporting each and every member.

Aid to encourage your financial journey in the form of FREE e-gift cards and much more!


The goal is to guide YOPE members on understanding HOW to budget, pay off their debt, effectively save money, and learn the investment vehicles available to them; primarily, what to consider before investing and how to start.