About YOPE

About us

Welcome to YOPE

The purpose of YOPE is to help people make better financial decisions and to eliminate money-related stress & anxiety from their lives.


Assisting our members since 2016!

YOPE is a personal finance subscription service. We assign members a consultant from our staff to help them pay their bills & debt more efficiently and guide them on becoming a more knowledgeable investor for a $1 a day.

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Here's what we have noticed

Most individuals looking to learn the basics of personal finance don’t know where to begin. We all read amazing ‘tip articles’ on personal finance and investing, yet still, remain confused on HOW to manage our money. This is because there is no proper framework for personal finance. So, we try to seek professional help. However, most people are reluctant because it can be very costly and most professionals only deal with matters of investing. Not personal finance as a whole.

YOPE is the answer to both of those problems. Not only have we developed a curriculum for personal finance, but we also provide professional help for each YOPE member, all for an affordable monthly subscription. YOPE empowers every individual on how to manage their money so when they read articles or are confronted with different financial products they know exactly what it means and how it will benefit them.

Boosting the people of the community.

A portion of everyone's membership goes toward OUR financial goals. Check out we try to accomplish every month!

YOPE gives members a consultant to help them become better at using their money PLUS we provide communities with more opportunities to make their money go further.


A message from the Creator of YOPE:

Jovan Collins

"When I first moved to New York City I was making a little under $11,000 a year. I had delinquent accounts, hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt and of course, no savings. But I had to figure it out.

Years later I was making well over six-figures and I started investing and dabbling in rental properties. However, even in this new tax bracket, I still didn’t quite know how to manage my money. But through trial and error, yet again, I had to figure it out.

I soon discovered that the average investor was poorly educated in the very products they owned. My friends and coworkers would complain about how their finances negatively affected their mental and physical health. I would see the people I care about struggle financially and it would break my heart. I just assumed that everyone knew how to manage their money and that I was the ONLY one who didn’t.

So, I founded Yope. I created a way for people to finally grasp personal finance AND take action. With my staff of INCREDIBLE people from the Wealth Management, Investment Advisory, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Debt Counseling, and Real Estate fields, YOPE goes beyond teaching people personal finance and moves into the area of truly caring about people’s lives.

YOPE is not a bank. YOPE is not a financial institution. YOPE is not a budget tracking app. We disclose everything about the financial world as well as end the supplying of arbitrary tips like most financial institutions and apps do. YOPE instead localizes personal finance education, pairs you with professional help, and makes all of it accessible and affordable for the masses. We need to live better lives and that starts with learning personal finance." 👍🏿